Monday, September 15, 2008

Kesal RTM putarbelit kenyataan berhubung ISA

Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) memutarbelitkan kenyataan saya berhubung penahanan tiga aktivis dan wartawan di bawah ISA.

Saya kesal dengan laporan RTM yang sengaja memutarbelitkan kenyataan saya dengan menyatakan kononnya saya menyokong tindakan ISA ke atas Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Dalam kenyataan saya melalui telefon bersama RTM, saya menyatakan bahawa saya menolak penggunaan ISA ke atas Raja Petra, dan PAS sendiri sememangnya menentang akta yang zalim itu.

"Saya pelik RTM memutarbelitkan kenyataan saya, sedangkan jelas kami menentang ISA.Jika Raja Petra bersalah sekalipun, beliau seharusnya dihadapkan ke mahkamah dan bukannya dengan menahan Raja Petra di bawah ISA tanpa bicara,"

Penahanan Raja Petra; Teresa Kok Suih Sim dan wartawan Sin Chew Daily sebenarnya menunjukkan kerajaan pimpinan Perdana Menteri, Abdullah Badawi takut berhadaoan dengan perubahan kerajaan yang sedang dilaksanakan Pakatan Rakyat.

"Mereka bimbang dengan senario ini, seterusnya mengalih isu dengan mengada-gadakan isu yang kononnya mencetus api perkauman dan pergeseran agama yang menyebabkan tiga individu tersebut ditahan di bawah ISA, "


Anonymous said...

Tak yah dok bagi staementnya buat do noo jaa bila puak2 nie telefon...

Anonymous said...

First time ever, in the world most probably. And the reason was to avoid the government from hiding the untruth and any defaulting document is totally unacceptable. Dear Mr.Anwar, if the government wanted to burn of bury the document, they could have done it today, before your stupid press conference. Even now they are burning them out from their office, so what is the point of telling this publically?

Weird. Totally weird. They want to meet the Prime Minister before meeting the YDPA. How could that be? Do you think that the PM will give a damn attention to your submission? Unless the PM himself involved in this conspiracy, your say could be considered. If we look into the previous cases for instance in the case of Stephen Kalong Ninkan v Tun Abang Haji Openg and Tawi Sli (1966), Tawi Sli went to met the Governor, which was Tun Abang Haji Openg during that time, and induced the Governor to give his consent and appoint Tawi Sli as the new Chief Minister of Sarawak. Tawi Sli did not went to meet Stephen Kalong Ninkan for purpose of discussing the raw material that needs to be disclose before futher meeting with the Governor.

This press conference was totally mean for stupidity and off sound-mind! Anwar needs to stabilize the emotion of his supporters who are relying too much and believe that the new government would take place. It would be a very dissapointing moment to tell his supporters that the said government has failed its accomplishment, so this press statement will at least cure the wounded supporters, although I believe that many of his supporters are now questioning about his sincererity and covenants he made before the election to take over the throne from the Barisan Nasional.

Anwar, what is next? Your statement today is predictable and we all knew that you will come out with this some sort of excuses. After this you may want to delay the date until you get caught for sodomising Saiful, then you will have the biggest excuse ever and that will be the BN government is afraid of you so the new government could not be formed since you are in-jail now.

Mr.Anwar Bin Ibrahim! Please stop making things worse! Your fairy tales story could derive this country into valley of chaos than ever before. The investers will becoming more afraid to invest in Malaysia. The ongoing progress of the country will be distrubted. The racial unity will become hopeless as it is already now. What CHANGE could possibly mean to you? You only want to become the Prime Minister as that is what you are born for. Stop riding this country on stake, you have now become the added factor leading towards this country’s instability after Pak Lah and lame UMNO!

Anwar Ibrahim, what is next for you??….

Anonymous said...

yang pi layan puak RTM tu buat apa?

Jambu said...

Elok la Mahfuz Omar ni sokong RPK, tak tau ke RPK ni cakap tudung tu tak wajib, tapi budaya orang arab. Ni la akibat orang tak berilmu dan beramal tapi pi tafsir al quran mengalahkan para ulama.
Mungkin ini perjuangan Islam Mahfuz Omar?

Anonymous said...

salam saudara, mungkin saudara kena lebih berhati2 dan minta mereka keluarkan kenyataan penuh,bukan yang diinterpretasi..RTM ni mmg putar belit